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CSI prides itself on attracting the best-of-the-best IT professionals, project managers and other specialists to work with our clients. We also regularly search for qualified people to fill full-time, permanent positions in our own and our clients’ organizations.

If your goal is to work with an organization that offers growth, continuous learning and the opportunity to gain top-drawer experience in some of today’s most sophisticated IT and business environments, consider a career-enhancing position with CSI.

Operations and screening

CSI’s first priority is to ensure that our clients receive quality and value from their experience with us. Our goal is to provide consultants and personnel who over-deliver on ability, experience and commitment to the success of your project.

We use a rigorous screening process to select candidates for consultancy work at your company or organization. Credentials and references are carefully checked. Skills, a relevant background and a can-do attitude are sought out and appraised. Project managers are assessed for their understanding of workflow and business best practices. We go still further in our evaluation process, and emphasize potential and willingness to fit comfortably within your organizational culture.

Our global sourcing strategies connect us with hundreds of potential candidates for each position we look to fill. Because we’re selecting from this massive worldwide pool of talent and ability, we find – and retain – only the very best matches for your specific needs.